Play and Learn with your tablet

The best of digital and physical 

As tech lovers and education experts, we created the ultimate learning experience mixing traditional wooden toys and touchscreen technology. 

We love kids

We take great care of every detail, from the design of the wooden blocks to the apps themselves. Young kids absorb so much that we want to give them the best sensorial experience. Marbotic connected toys are made of quality wood that is also used for Montessori tools and we always design our apps with kids in mind.  

What your kid will learn


4 apps to discover the alphabet the sounds and the shapes of letters, learn hundreds of words and learn to read progressively. 


3 educational apps to learn to count up to 10, get familiar with tens and units, build numbers up to 100 and to be introduced to addition and subscription.


Kids are naturally creative and  with our wooden toys, they are free to play with or without a tablet, to invent their own games.

Fine motor skills

Kids learn best when they manipulate physical objects. They can develop their fine motor skills thanks to our wooden toys. 

Approved by teachers

Our apps are developed with teachers and tested in classrooms. We collabore with classrooms all around the world to constantly improve our products. 

How does it work?  

As easy as 1, 2, 3 !

Download the apps, stamp the wooden interactive numbers on your tablet’s screen, and see the magic happens!