Lowercase Smart Lettersย 

Transform your iPad into a learning tool and foster your child’s progress with Lowercase Smart Letters! Thanks to the 4 different apps, your child will improve their reading skills while having plenty of fun.ย 

Ages: 3-6ย 

Ready to enter the magic world of reading?

Especially tailored to preschoolers, Marboticโ€™s reading apps not only help kids discover letters, they also encourage them to write words and read full sentences on their own!

Marbotic Letters



Lil Reader


Learn phonics

Discover the alphabet and the sounds and shapes of each letter thanks to the Monstromachine.ย 

Write words

Combine letters to form syllables and words and let the Bla Bla Box app spell them out!


Learn vocabulary

Discover hundred of words, both common and uncommon, in a fun, playful environment!