Smart Letters

Play & learn to read with your tablet! When used with your tablet, Smart Letters offers an innovative, intelligent method for learning to read. 

Wooden toys interact with your tablet

Learn to read with Marbotic’s Smart Letters! This interactive alphabet toy mixes the best of both physical and digital play by utilizing traditional wooden letters and modern touchscreen technology.

“Overall, I’m a happy mom! I wish I knew about these way earlier and will definitely recommend these to mommy friends! I call this a perfect gift for Christmas because you are gifting the “gift of knowledge”

Nikki Tiu, mom

5 educational apps

Marbotic’s Smart Letters apps will encourage your child to learn to read, recognize the shapes and sounds of letters, play with phonics, increase their vocabulary, and even to write their first words in a fun and exciting environment.

Marbotic Letters



Lil Reader


Available in 10 languages