Smart Numbers

Play & learn to count with your tablet ! Combined with your tablet, Smart Numbers is the smartest method to discover maths!  

Smart Numbers

Learn to count and calculate with Marbotic’s Smart Numbers! This interactive counting toy mixes the best of both physical and digital play by utilizing traditional wooden numbers and modern touchscreen technology. Combined with your tablet, it is the smartest method to learn to count! 

Georgie and Lydia love playing educational apps on the iPad, and especially love it when there are physical elements to interact with as well as the screen. Smart Numbers is a great example of this, and the girls have really been enjoying this “connected toy”


3 Educational apps

Marbotic’s Smart Numbers apps will enable your child to learn to count, explore numbers, understand concepts in arithmetics, basic additions and subtractions in a funny and motivating environment.

Availabe in 18 languages