Smart Shapesย 

Enter a new dimension with Smart Shapes. This one-of-a-kind concept blends stunning wooden toys with the magic of digital technology.

Ages: 3-6

Ready to challenge your friends?

Use your iPad to host 4 captivating multiplayer games! Let the wooden shapes and colors develop your kidsโ€™ 21st century skills in a quirky, engaging environment. Whether in versus or cooperation mode, these games will sharpen your childโ€™s observation, deduction, and communication skills. Tailored for 2 players, Smart Shapes games can be played by 2 children or a parent-child duo.

1 multiplayer app

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Crazy Machine

Play together and improve your visual recognition skills to fill the carousel


Keep to the rhythm and create fun tunes together


Tic Tac

Test your wits by being the fastest and the sharpest before itโ€™s too late!